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4. Tap Google Play Music.6. Tap Clear Data/Cache. Screen Images are for reference only. All other products and services mentioned may belong to their respective trademark owners. How to fix Google Play Services has stopped has stopped errors on Android.To fix problems with Google Play Services, first try to clear all the saved cache and data. A professionally built Android application should be able to react to even the most unlikely events, for example, if a previously logged in user uninstalls Google Play Services, or navigates to the system settings and clears the applications data when the foreground Activity is in a paused state. Data Clear Problem Fixed On Google Play Services.Solved : OK Google - Actually I cant do that while the device is locked on any xiaomi device. With this in mind, its clear that disabling Google Play Services is by no means an option. Instead, follow the methods down below in order until youGiven the fact that Google Play Services occupies over 500 MB of your devices storage, you might be tempted to move to away from your data partition. It is just that somewhere down the line some data got lost or couldnt be tracked and Google Play Services ended up losing that connection, so it stopped.Step 5: After opening Google Play services app, you should see an option to Clear Cache for the app. How can I restart Google Play services? What is Google process Gapps? Why is my Google Play Store Not Working?Tap Clear all Data. Next, youll need to follow the same steps to clear the cache for the Google Play App. If clearing the Google Play Store cached data did not fix the issue then there are chances that clearing Google Play Store data should help rectify the issue.Tap on the Clear Data button. Now restart your device and see if the problem persists. 3. Clear Google Play Services Data.

It is possible that the error RH-01 was caused by the incorrect operation of the Google Play application itself or its services. Now we will try to clear the data and cache of these elements of the system Like Clear the Cache and Data, Uninstall Google Play Services, Update Google Play Services, Reset App Preference etc. I suggest you visit and you will find solutions step wise. Scroll down to google play service. Open the application details.

Tap to the force stop button . Select clear cache.3. Check your plug-in card. 4.Check data usages. 5.Restore Format Settings. There is clearly a problem with google software which would allow that to happen. I need more memory/ data so I searched all over the internet for an answer to the question: can I press " Clear All Data" under "Google Play Services Storage" (I have Galaxy Note Edge) Clear Google Play Services cache and data.Google Play Services keeps all the Google Apps running on your Android device. If your device is missing Play Services or if Play Services isnt working properly, trying to use any Google App will give you Play Services error. Step 4: Tap on the Clear Data button in App info window. Clean Google Play Service CacheMust Read: Latest Google play store for all Android device. Install the latest version of Google Play Store and Google Play Services Could you please try performing Clear DataClear Cache options for Google Play Services application from Settings -> Apps -> All. Now open apps like Google, Gmail which will prompt the update of Google Play services. Google play app clear data. My device is huawei g520.000.i could not connect with google play service,google and play store apk.when install it ,it show as unfortunately forIf i clear al data on google play services will this mess up my phone? If you look where you have YOUR-ANDROID-SDK/extras/google /m2repository/com/google/android/gms/play-services/, you will see all the versions downloaded that you have. Here, go to the Google->Storage->Manage Space and tap on Clear All Data. 7. Then, go back and do the same for Google Play Services. Displays the Google Play Service Store screenTo manage search data for the Google Play app, click the Manage search data button under Search data.To clear the cache for all Google Play service apps, touch the Google Open Services Framework, open the menu and select Clear cache and data.How to fix error 495 on Google Play store. Google Play Services play the role of a backbone for all the applications running on your Android smartphone.Tap Google Play Store and then tap the Clear Cache/Clear Data button. 1. Google Play Store is not installed on my device, should I clear the data in the other Google Apps such as Google Play Music, Google Newsstand etc ? 2. I dont have the "uninstall updates" button for Google Play Services. Can I safely delete Google Play Services data and let app recreate it? By safely, if you mean clearing data from Settings Apps Downloaded Google Play Services, then youre good to go. In Android 4.4.2 and 5.0.2, you dont get the straight option named Clear Data. Google Play Services needs to be updated from time to time. It seems to keep getting bigger and bigger. You can go into Settings - Apps and then ALL and scroll to find Google Play Services and then click on it. The screen that comes up will give you the option to clear the cache and clear the data. Ive attempted every suggestion I could find online, including: (1) clearing Google Play Services data and cache (2) uninstalling and reinstalling Google Play Services (3) deleting and re-adding my Google account. How can I clear data of Google Play services?Why do I have three Google Play services running? How can I change the country and currency setting on Google Play on my Android device? Clear the Google Play Store apps data and cache. Uninstall previous updates by going to Settings> Apps and tapping Disable button. Re-enable it and then install the latest version of Google Play Services. I m constantly getting an error message on Google play services it makes it impossible for me to access gmail but after manually clearing Google play services data it seems to fix the issue. Please could someone write an Google Play Games and Services are both there among your other apps. Wait for them to populate, then hit clear cache.On your phone, in Settings > Apps > Google Play Services, you can try clearing the data and uninstalling the Play Services updates. Ads by Google. I want to link a game to my GMail account so that I can play it on different devices.So, I click on it and it takes me to the play store app which only has open unistall options! I have tried: cleaning the cache, clearing data and unistalling it. The next solution about the clearing your Google play services cache and data, means there are several solution to included on the stopping the error on your android. Is it safe to clear data from Google Play Services? Although you can clear data and cache from Google Play Services, we do not recommend it because those data are crucial to the functioning of apps. Look for Google Play Services. Click Google Play Services. Click the Force Stop, Clear Cache, and Clear Data buttons, in that order. Hopefully they will gray out. If not, go around again several times. Clear all the data and caches of Google play and Google services.I tried to reinstall Play Store, reinstall Play Services, clear Donwloader data, remove/add Google my profile, clean all cache, clean Dalvik, all methods mentoied here, but nothing help. Open the Google Play Store app. Tap on Clear Data and Clear Cache.Go to Applications (may also be labeled Application Manager). Tab over to All Applications. Open the Google Play Services app. Google Play Services Blocker | Блокировка сервисов гугл! Опции.Google Play Services Blocker версия: 1.1. Последнее обновление программы в шапке: 31.05.2014 в 10:43. If clearing the cache and data of your Google Play Store didnt work, you may need to go into your Google Play Services and clear its data and cache there, as Google Play Stores problem would be possibly resulted from Google Play Service. Solution 2 Clear the Google Play Services cache.You can also try switching the WiFi on or off on your phone — same with mobile data. Solution 5 This goes without saying, but may be a simple reboot of your Android phone/tablet could fix the problem. When that happens, you need to clear those data files and thankfully, Google apps like Gmail, Search and Chrome all fall within the Google Play Services module so you can clear data for them easily and quickly. We will recommend you to disable google play services which drain the battery and they are not of much use. Some of them are like Wake up, Keep Awake, Voice command services, Ads services, Wearable services and Auto Start Services. These errors might be due to Google Play Store updates, Google cache issues, Google Play Store stored data issues, or Google account issues.Tap the Clear cache button. Repeat the steps above, but replace Google Play Store in step 3 with Google Play services. So if Google Play Services fails to retrieve the data attached with any app then it pop ups Unfortunately Google Play Services Has Stopped.

2.2 Clear The Caches of Google Service Framework: 2.3 Clear All Data Of Google Play Services Google Play Services Has Stopped: At times, while you are working with any Google apps or even the third-party apps, you might encounter a pop-up message as Unfortunately Google Play Services has stopped issue.2.4 Method 4: Clear All Data Of Google Play Services Choose Google Play Service and select Clear cache and Clear Data.Now launch Google Play Store and see if you can install or update apps. Solution 2. Adjust Android Settings. Some users solve the error 505 by adjusting one of the following settings. Clearing out the caches and data for apps will clear out this information, however, you must clear the cache and data for each app separately. However, apps such as Gmail, Search, Chrome, and the various Google Play apps are all included in Google Play Services. Methods to fix Unfortunately, Google play services has stopped. Method 1 Clear the cacheClearing the framework data is not recommended as you might lose the ID of your device.You can clear the cache of the Google play services framework by following the below steps. Google Play Services Has Stopped Working Unexpectedly Fix 2017.Open your App drawer and tap on Settings > Apps > Search for Google Play Services app.Scroll a little and tap on Clear cache. Clear Cache and Data of Google Play Services.As I have mentioned Google Play Services not supported by device error may also be caused due to outdated version of Google Play services and android. On Play Store page select Clear Cache and Clear Data functions. In doing so, you will delete only Play Store info data. Hence you should not worry about losing important files.It didnt work i try to clear cache and clear data my play store and google play services. and i try to factory reset my phone How do I turn on Google Play services? Why does Google Play store stop working?I have tried many solutions like clear catch data, reinstalled, updated from play store but nothing to be work".


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