javascript remove regular expression





The RegExp constructor is useful when you want to build a dynamic pattern, in this case you dont need it. Moreover, as you said, "[s]" didnt worked with the RegExp constructor, thats because you are passing a string, and you should "double escape" the back-slashes Heres a regular expression that matches an ampersand (), followed by a series of characters that are not equals signs ([]), an equals sign (), theJavascript - how to move a div dependant on an other divs height ( Transition ) Function not called post Callback Hide list items except the one you Remove These Line Breaks with JavaScript. perl regex pattern works in php but not in javascript? How to take content from json using regular expression (regex) in php. Remove spaces using regex in an expression.javascript regular expressions using regex replace the string with multiple characters. I wish to remove script because mail clients like outlook ect give messages about not being able to display it properly. so I am guessed so far that i need to use regular expression to remove all javascript expression such as