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Check Your IRCTC PNR Status, Passenger Name Record (PNR) for Indian Railways, is a ten digit number identifying each Reserved ticket. A)We can check PNR status in three ways. Generally, there are some techniques by which the travelers can verify their PNR status within a mean time. PNR status helps in taking advantage of those services. You can check status of your ticket, train no. and lot of those things which help in making your journey complete and sound. Fast IRCTC PNR Status check, easier than Indian Railways site. When we buy ticket from IRCTC we get unique 10 digit number called PNR number. Ways of checking PNR status: We are having various methods for PNR status enquiry.very useful and easy methods are: 1. checking through online website. Passenger Current Status Enquiry. Enter the PNR for your booking below to get the current status. You will find it on the top left corner of the ticket. PNR stands for passenger name record and it tells you your current status on the WL (waitlist) or RAC (reservation against cancellation queue).There are three ways to check your PNR status Why check IRCTC PNR Status? Generally, in trains, there will be limited seats. So, when we book a ticket in Indian Railways the seat may or may not get confirmed. There are several ways to check PNR Status which is also called IRCTC PNR status by the officials of PNR Status Indian railway department. PNR Status of IRCTC Indian Railways Train tickets can be checked here using your PNR number. Enter your 10 digit PNR number and click button "Check PNR Status". Our Website acts as a means to check your PNR status and to find answers to passenger reservation enquiry. What is PNR Number? Passenger Name Record. PNR number is a 10 digit number which is printed on your reservation ticket, you can get it top left corner of ticket or from e-ticket.

Using that you can check your PNR Status. How do I Check PNR Status? Checking your PNR status is simple. Of course, there are different ways of doing it.

The Indian Railways passenger name record, also known as PNR, is a number that gives a variety of travel information to ticket-holders.Checking your PNR status is easy. Check IRCTC PNR Status. PNR is the short form of Passenger Name Record number. So, you can call it PNR Number of Passenger Name record Number, whichever you like. The full form of PNR is "Passenger Name Records". How to check PNR Status? You are provided with a 10 digit PNR number each time you book a ticket via Indian Railways or IRCTC. PNR Status how to check? Its quite easy.Thats why you should use the PNR status check system to get the actual info about your order. Passengers can check their reservation status (pnr status) through their unique 10 digit PNR number allotted when booking their journey ticket. Checking your PNR status on Tatkal For Sure is insanely easy. All you have to do is enter your PNR number in the search bar. It will give you your PNR status. Ways of PNR Status Check. The advent of new technology has made our lives much easier. You now have several options for checking PNR status. Now you can easily check your PNR status or IRCTC booking of Indian railways online! Just enter your 10- digit PNR number and then click on the below button Get PNR Status Checking your Indian Railways IRCTC PNR status is now Fast, Easy and Reliable. Just Enter your PNR number and click on Check PNR Status button and your will get all your PNR Status details in a Indian Railway PNR Status Live:- Just booked a Railway ticket through offline or On-line mode and want to Check Your Passenger Name Record (PNR) Status of Your Rail Ticket. This PNR number is used to maintain the record of Passengers.How to do PNR Status Check : By using this website, you can get PNR Status of your ticket in 3 easy steps. PNR Status was launched firstly in the airlines.

If you are searching for PNR Status then you have reached the Correct Place. Here you will be able to check your PNR Status easily. Passenger Name Reecord in short is called PNR.Below listed are some of the most popular ways to check PNR Status Using this number, you can check PNR status of your ticket booking.With online its become very easy to check your irctc PNR status. PNR Status Enquiry is the first check you make prior to boarding your train. It is important to have up-to-date information of your train ticket booking. railway pnr status questions and answers. Where can I find the PNR number ? How to check pnr status. With that particular number passenger can check all relevant information about his/her journey. How to check PNR status? IRCTC PNR Status Checker. 1,473 likes 1 talking about this. If you would like to check your PNR status from the internet, then is This PNR (Passenger Name Record) is usually printed on the ticket. And whenever you want to know the status about the train arrval and departure, you should check all about it through entering the While checking PNR status if it is shown WL, then it means ticket is in waiting list that may or may not be confirmed. If the status is shown as RAC Check Pnr Status Confirmation Chances, Check Pnr and train time to identify this record easily a unique 10 digit code has allotted to your ticket. Check Indian Railways PNR Status.Enter PNR Number (10 Digit). What is IRCTC PNR status ? PNR stands for Passenger Name Record.Indian Railways SMS service provides a way to check IRCTC PNR status using mobile phones. The PNR associates a passengers name, address, age gender etc. and is saved in the database.How to check the PNR status? PNR (Passenger Name Record) is a 10 digit code written on top-left corner of a ticket.You can check your ticket reservation status from our site by inserting PNR number and clicking on the "Get Check your PNR status online, PNR is abbreviation of Passenger Name Record.With the help of PNR Status you will be able to check your seat is confirmed or not? By checking the PNR Status one can know the details like train number, train name, boarding railway station, travel date, Number of passengers, booking status, current status and coach position. PNR is short name for Passenger Name Record.How to check PNR status? There are many mediums through which PNR status enquiry can be made. What is PNR status? PNR imply passenger name record its 10 Digit Unique Amount generated if aHow to Check Booking Status? Enter Your PNR on above Text Box and click on Go Button. Rapidly check PNR Status of your prepare tickets here. Quick IRCTC PNR Status check, less demanding than Indian Railways site. PNR stands for "Passenger Name Record."You can easily check the PNR status using the PNR number that is specified on your ticket. But many of us dont know How to check PNR status online or offline. Irctc PNR status can be checked in many ways, through IRCTC site PNR status allows you to view your itinerary and check the real time status of your booking. PNR Status is available for guests (1) holding a confirmed booking with Jet Airways. 1. Check PNR Status through online websites. This is one of the most common and preferred way to check your ticket PNR status. Online Indian Railway or IRCTC PNR Status check was never so easy. Now all it requires, is your PNR Number and one click. PNR refers to Passenger Name Record.The PNR Status tool checks the PNR number for any Train in India to confirm your railway reservation PNR status. PNR stands for Passenger Name Record.You need to have login details in order to check PNR status on IRCTC. Once logged in, go to "Booked Ticket History".


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